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There are many compensation websites on the internet - This one is different.

This site is first and foremost a 21st century legal guide designed to advise and inform the public about how to make a claim in the UK.

Obtaining compensation can be really simple provided you have the right people to help guide you through the process.

The law in England & Wales is constantly evolving and improving which makes it easier for genuine claimants to pursue their claims. If you have suffered injury or loss - here is where you start to put things right.

We can help you with claims involving personal injury, medical negligence, professional negligence an many other legal areas.

Read our FIVE IMPORTANT TIPS about making a claim or browse our pages to learn more about making an accident claim.

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Your rights

Find out what in what circumstances you can claim in the UK - more

How claims work

Why bother? How long does it take? Who will pays?..more

Important questions

Get the answers you need BEFORE you start your claim...more


What can you claim?

Find out what items can be reclaimed and how your injury claim will be valued.


Life can be complicated enough - dont add insult to personal injury - choose our solicitors to help you win your accident claim


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20/11/07 - Up to 100,000 uninsured vehicles siezed as a result of new legislation

28/11/07 - 25mph Cyclist kills man on pavement and faces jail






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